Lidded cherry bowl. I was using epoxy
base inlay. Finial was done from maple
surounded by walnut crown.
Bowl was done from Box Elder . It was tuned around 10 years ago.  During these time it warped so much that it become oval. I like shape very much. I did extensive carving and wood burning.
Maple burl. Piece was done long time ago. I basically redid it, then refinished.
Maple, walnut . I was exploring wave design I like so much lately.
Semiopen piece was done from maple. The wall has 1/16in thickness. The piece is severe warped which added to it beauty.
Piece was done long time ago from maple burl. I completely redid it and refinished.
Recent works
Piece was done from spalted birch. It was design as urn. It has very heavy lid topped with malachite ball.
Maple. Love the form.
Piece was done from maple. It is big size lidded bowl, cookie jar. Lately I like to use wavy design. Looks good.
Piece was done from maple. It is a closed form means all hollowing was done through small opening. Piece was heavily carved and wood burned.
Piece was done from spalted Pennsylvania cherry. It is big size lidded bowl, cookie jar.Finial is done from cypress cone.
Bowl was done from beech long time ago. It was severe warped, cracked.
I did extensive carving, wood burning. I am pleased with results.
I was doing a lot of maple lidded bowls, boxes.
I was exploring different shapes.
All pieces below were done from completely decay willow wood. It was an interesting process.  Initially they were roughly turned. Then  dried in a microwave. Almost half of weight was water. To stabilized
decay wood pieces were soak in epoxy. Then finally turned and finished.