These pieces are done from black birch with preservation of natural edges. Pieces were extensively pierced, carved, textured and stained.
These pieces done from cherry. I tried to preserve the grain markings. The technique used were multilayer carving and extensive texturing and coloring.
These pieces were done from cherry, birch and pear woods. Pieces were initially turned up to 1/16 inch thick. They were pierced and then extensively textured and colored.
These were very labor intensive pieces. They were done from walnut, in an art deco style.
This was very difficult piece. My intention was to give this piece a special ceramic feel.
This technique allows you to use negative space to create a light, airy, and lacey feeling.  The basic approach is to use a high-speed dental handpiece with different carvers.  The turning technique applied to these pieces pushes the limits of the craft.  Some pieces are less than 1mm in thickness. 
Visions and Concepts
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