American Elm
Combination of color and interesting  grains.
Pieces were done from Box Elder.
I was extensively using different coloring techniques and
sanding between coats. It has produced a very interesting 3D
Black walnut
I found that combination of dark  brown heartwood and light creamy subwood can produce a very interesting visual effect. Especially the effect is prominent with bark preserved. One can see the whole range of different forms from simple plate to complicated closed forms. I was exploring different possibilities.
Pieces were made from maple burl. All of them were hollowed from a small opening. As  part of the design they have finials. (The finial is an architectural device employed decoratively to emphasize the apex of a gable or any of various distinctive ornaments at the top). The decorative feet were added to the pieces to complement the finials.
Finial forms displayed with some marine accents.
Visions and Concepts
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