These pieces were done from Elm, Ash . I was using dyes and laminating wax to show grain.
These vessels were done from different wood: walnut, pear, cherry, maple. All vessels were woodturned, carved, decorated with reeds done by router.
These pieces were extensively carved.
Above pieces were done from cherry. I was trying to follow grain lines with carving and wood burning then was texturing selected areas. On some pieces I applied gilded wax for visual effect.
These pieces were done from very rotten decay maple. It is certain beauty in decay. I loved colors and spalting so much that I spent time to save that beautiful wood. Pieces were initially wood turned  up to 1 in thick. Than they were soaked in special epoxy solution. When they became dry and solid I turned them again to achieve final form. The pieces were finished with wax.
Pretty Large vessels
up to 24in.
Cocobolo, Maple, Box Elder, Yew
Different sizes, different shapes.
All pieces were done from maple.