There are many different ways to be creative in any craft.  My deepest belief is that every individual, in some way, has an innate sense of creativity.
My main passion currently is woodworking.  Wood, as a medium, has in my mind many advantages.  It's easy to create stable forms, more quickly on a lathe and somewhat slower carving.  It is easy to apply textures to wood which allow many varied visual and tactile effects.  Wood is easy to stain revealing the underlying wood structure. 
Normally, an idea comes to me.  I start by doing some preliminary drawings while contemplating what techniques would allow me to realize this concept.  Next, I do a primer, or starter, piece.  After evaluation of the piece, I consider how to further expand these ideas.  Usually, I do four to five pieces while developing a given idea.  If I get bored after that, I'll redirect my thoughts and energies to something else.   At any given time, I may be working simultaneously on three or four different projects.  Each completed piece contributes to my experience and allows me to expand the depth and breadth of my technique and craft to future works. 
Woodturning was and remains the main technique I'm using for form creation.
It can be just bowl turning or small opening vase different types, shapes, forms.
Wood burning:  textures depend on configuration of the tip, frequency, and temperature. Different temperatures will give different shades of brown.
In order to create different shapes and materialized visions I am using carving hand and power tools.
Coloring, Texturing,Piercing
Coloring:  depends on the properties of the wood, the quality of the stain. I was using colored wax to create special visual effects.
Sandblasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface.
It allows you to remove soft particles and reveal wood structure.
Artist Statement